Monday, July 11, 2011

Storm Knock Your Power Out? There's a Chromebook For That

Today I was reminded of just how much I love my Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. The skies were going crazy outside and the storms got so rough it nuked my power thus nuking my internet. So all was lost right? WRONG. Enter 3G. All I did was turn on my 3G and I was right back on G+ looking at pictures of cats and chatting away. I was on like 15% battery power and it lasted all the way until my power came back on. Everyone else in my house came over to me and just sat and watched in amazement as I continued to Tweet and read the news on My Chromebook. So I would say that is yet another win for the Chromebooks!


SuttyJane said...

Amen- during the Tornado out-breaks of AL, TN, AR, and MO. My Cr-48 was the hero for months. Kept me on line and Networking to save both animal and human lives.

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