Friday, July 8, 2011

Chromebooks: The Art of Simplicity

Simplicity. Its the mantra of Google Chrome and Chrome OS. The Chromebooks scream simplicity in the hardware design and the OS that runs on them. Chromebooks weren't meant to tackle all your heavy duty tasks such as audio, video, and picture editing. They weren't meant to be used for coding and application creation. They weren't meant to play WoW and or The SIMS on either. I think there is a huge misconception and or confusion about what they were meant for. They are not here to compete with any product (Netbooks, iPads, Xooms, Etc.). They were designed with PURE web users in mind. Users just like me. 

I spend like 98% of the time on the web when I am on a computer. I don't do anything heavy and crazy like some people do. I Tweet and +1 things as well as email and watch YouTube. I listen to music and keep up with the news, weather, and social lives of my friends and family. I also watch the TV episodes I may have missed if my dish goes out. I video chat and hangout with my buds online all day and night. That is pretty much my daily online life. The Chromebook works for all of those things and it does it in a FAST and SIMPLE way. If you ask me, for someone who just uses the web, there really is no better option. I think you don't realize how much you don't need a full blown OS until you leave it and try something like ChromeOS. It will change your perspective trust me on that one. Being able to go from a cold boot to Google + or Twitter in under 10 seconds is INSANE. That alone is worth the price of the machine. Oh an the 10 hour battery life isn't to shabby either =) 


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