Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Chromebook Is a Jukebox!

Do you remember going to those old diners and finding a jukebox hiding in the corner all dusty and forgotten? I used to love to go out to places like that and put a quarter in and rock out to some Cher or Elton. Well recently I discovered that Chromebooks could be just as exciting as those old things sans the quarters! Chromebooks offer a wide variety of music webapps. Below I will discuss my favorites. At the end of reading this you will be able to turn your Chromebook into a jukebox and party like its 1955!

1. Google Music Beta - This is currently by invite only. Once you have an invite you can upload all your music (Windows/Mac support only for the upload). After it's been uploaded you can stream that Green Day or Incubus day or night straight from the Google Music Beta web player. There is an UNOFFICIAL Web App for it as well.

2. Grooveshark - Another awesome and amazing webapp that cranks out the tunes. I am partial to Grooveshark. It is my webapp of choice for music usually. Check out the UNOFFICIAL Web App for it as well.

3. Amazon Cloud Player - This is a lot like Google Music Beta. It allows you to upload your library to it and then stream it from your web browser. I use this rather often as well. One unique feature this one has is the ability to purchase music through Amazon MP3 and have it upload straight to the cloud after the purchase. Very handy and works well on Chrome and Android. Get the official Web App here.

4. Pandora - The good old trusty Pandora. I have used this service for years. It is not the best but it gets the job done. The good news is Pandora is set to release a brand new HTML5 powered web app here soon. It looks pretty streamlined and clean. So check it out and enjoy.

5. Last.FM - Another one of the classics. It has had it's ups and downs for me over the years but it is still a usable option that should not be ignored. Check  it out as well.

I am sure there are more alternatives that work just fine on the Chromebook but those are my top 5 favs. Do you guys have any that I may have missed? What are the pros and cons of each alternative you have? Please share below in the comments! Chrome on! =)


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