Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chromebooks: The Future Of Computing is NOW

When Google decided to create Chrome OS and Chromebooks they knew they were on to something amazing. They single handily helped to propel cloud computing into overdrive. Now every major company is making "Web Apps" for their services. Give it a few years and ChromeOS will be the dominate OS among most of the younger generation. Affordable hardware, insanely long battery life, crazy light weight/portable, all with an amazingly social and cloud based OS running on it. What more could you want from a future computing device? The future starts now! Best of all We will never have to see that damn blue screen EVER AGAIN.

Ready to join the ChromeOS party? Two Chromebooks are now available with more on their way!

Acer AC700 - Click Here To Purchase Via AMAZON

Samsung Series 5 - Click Here To Purchase Via AMAZON


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