Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wishful Thinking: Gtunes or What Google Music Should Be

What can I say? I am a dreamer and a big thinker. Today was one of those "Oh how I wish" moments. My favorite of band of all time Evanescence released it's first single in 5 years. They released it on iTunes with Amazon to follow up very soon. Seeing as how I own a Droid and use it for all my media needs iTunes does nothing for me and Amazon is subpar at best. 

That is when I closed my eyes and dreamed of Gtunes or rather Google Music that ACTUALLY SOLD MUSIC. I dreamed of a web based store where I could purchase a song or album that was just released and have it synced to the cloud and thus synced to my Android phone automatically. It is so disappointing that Google Music does not have a music store built in. I understand that they would have to ink a deal with the labels but c'mon it's Google after all. They have the power, influence, and money to get what they want. So make it happen Google! Wipe iTunes and Amazon off the map =) 

BTW if you are interested in purchasing the new single "What You Want" by Evanescence then click here and hit up iTunes. The brand new self titled album will be released October 11, 2011. 


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