Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What On Earth Is a Web App?

So what the heck is a "Web App"? The word App is being thrown around everywhere these days between Droids, iPhones, and tablets alike. Apps usually refer to small applications you install on your smart phone or your tablet. They are now even bleeding over into the computer market (See Mac OSX Lion and Windows 8). 

However, Google has started a whole new type of app. Enter the Chrome Web Store. It hosts apps (Mostly FREE) known as web apps. The main difference is that these are simply links to websites that look and feel like an app. They are usually coded in HTML5. It is a fairly new thing and there aren't many good ones as of yet. My favorites that I use daily on my Chromebook include Tweetdeck, Grooveshark, Google Music, Google Docs, Amazon Cloud Player, Flixster Movies, and WeatherByte. Pandora is also set to release an HTML5 powered web app here very soon. 

So as you can see the web app era has only just begun. Hopefully more websites will be designed to look and act like an app in the near future. Together it will make the web and Chromebooks much much better indeed. 


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