Sunday, August 7, 2011

Google +: The Social Network You Should Be Using

If you are an internet user at all you have undoubtedly heard about a little project called "Google +". It is THE Facebook killer. In fact it makes Facefail look like Myspace. So if you haven't been invited to join the project simply click this link and you will be sent an invite from yours truly. Know it, use, be social! =)

Here are my favorite Google Chrome Extensions for Google +.

1. GTools+
2. Replies and more for Google+
3. Usability Boost for Google Plus
4. +Comment Toggle
5. Plus Minus

These make Google+ even better! So go now, join Google + and leave Facefail behind in the dust with Myspace and all the other old and dying social networks.


Jason C said...

I only use one extension with Google+. That is G+me from Huy Zing -

It works on my Series 5 right now, but not on my work PC.

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