Saturday, August 6, 2011

Google Chromebook: A Godfather's BFF

Being a Godfather is a blessing beyond words. I have a beautiful God Daughter who I love as my own. Today was the longest amount of time I have ever baby sat anyone. I am not the best daddy and this was really my first rodeo when it came to taking care of a kid all day long. 

However, I didn't fear because I had my trusty Samsung Series 5 Chromebook waiting to help me out! So first came lunch. I Googled what the most popular foods were for a girl her age as well as healthy and organic options. I am no chef but Google Chrome has a few recipe apps and besides that Google search worked just fine for everything else. 

Then came after lunch entertainment. My God Daughter Ella really loves Mickey Mouse. So off to Youtube and Sidereel I went for her to watch for a few hours. She actually feel asleep to it. Nap times are the best LOL. During her nap I had some "Me" time on Google +, Twitter, and caught up on the latest episode of Torchwood. 

Then came pre-dinner time. I hit up the Grooveshark App and found some good jams for me and her to dance to as I made dinner. Thank God for microwave ovens LOL. I actually kept the Chromebook running during dinner so we had some good background noise to drown out the rest of my loud and crazy family. 

Finally I finished the night with some more Sidereel and a few rounds of Angry Birds (Every kid needs to be exposed to Angry Birds!). All and all the Chromebook was a perfect companion to have with me all day long to help me survive being a Godfather for a day! =) I wouldn't wanna live a day without it! 

Oh and PS,
This thing is still going strong on a single charge. Yay 11 hour battery life! And thanks to Verizon 4G LTE I can stream whatever I want without having to wait for it to buffer. 


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