Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cloud Storage: Minus Is King of the Hill

If you are like me then you probably scratch your head and wonder while Google does not have an official "Cloud drive" such as popular services like Dropbox and It just doesn't make sense. Rumor has it that Google owns a domain known as and it uses HTTPS. Perhaps it has plans after all to give us a cloud drive for Chrome OS sometime soon? Maybe.

Until then there is Dropbox,, and now my new favorite cloud storage known as Minus. It is the first service out there to give you 10GB of FREE online storage. It doesn't stop there though. It has an Android app that works beautifully, it has a Chrome web app and extension, and it offers even more free storage if you invite a friend! So go check it out. Click the link below to sign up. It will give me and you both an extra GB free of storage!

Sign up HERE.


Redwan said...

How is better than Dropbox? Does it have integration into traditional OSs (Win/Mac)?

Alexander Chase Monroe said...

Well for one it gives you up 11GB FREE. No other free service comes near that. The interface is much better on the web app and the Android app. I do not run Windows OS or Mac OS but the website says it has actual apps for those OS's. So yea more free storage and a prettier look. Sounds like a win to me =)

Ben said...

Google is in the process of releasing GDrive for consumers and i'm stoked! I am wondering if Minus allows for folder upload or if it wonly allows folders like everything else out there? SugarSync is awesome because you can upload folders of material and dont have to do it file by file. i recommend,

CodySchneider said...

Posting late so no one is going to see this probably. I love google but Skydrive does offer 25 gigs free

Vasanth Kumar said...

It s really great work from you, very much Appreciated. I could the run Chrome os using USB and enabled chrome OS single app kiosk kept in Permanent mode. When I insert USB in a machine it supposed get into the kiosk application after booting up. But only on one machine (where I have done the kiosk process) the application is starting up whereas on all the other machines Chrome OS is booting up. Is there any way to fix this problem?
Thanks a lot

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