Sunday, June 26, 2011

Angry Birds or Pandora? How About Both!

Yesterday as I sat on my couch plunking away on my Samsung Series 5 Chromebook I was presented with a dilemma. I was really in the mood to play some Angry Birds but at the same time I also really wanted some of my Elton John channel on Pandora Radio. I thought to myself "There is NO WAY this little Chromebook can handle them both at the same time can it?" Much to my surprise and delight I loaded up Pandora Radio and then launched Angry birds in a new tab. This thing loaded them both effortlessly. This little baby is packing a punch! I wouldn't wanna bump into it in a back alley, its a beast!

After about an hour of that, I put Angry Birds on pause and checked my email as well as edited a spreadsheet in Google Docs all while Pandora was still streaming away. As Elton John would say, this thing didn't let the sun go down on me ;-) There is literally NOTHING I haven't been able to accomplish on this bad boy! The more I use this Chromebook the more I LOVE IT! Google did something very right with this one. Kudos to Samsung for the sexy look as well! =)


pg said...

was annoying to have to disable one flash plugin to get mic and camera access around the place (facebook, aviary) - but I'm on day 2 now, all set up, and loving it too!

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